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New Additions and ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units, or "Compact Homes," are gaining popularity across Utah as versatile, cost-effective solutions for expanding living space.


Whether attached to your primary residence or standing alone on your property, these units have become sought-after for their myriad uses—they can serve as private guest homes, rental properties, home offices, mother-in-law apartments, craft rooms, party spaces, and more.

At US TOP HOMES, we are well-versed in the specific requirements and regulations for building ADUs in Utah. Our experience includes navigating a comprehensive array of permits and approvals, a process we have refined through years of working closely with local authorities. Our commitment is to make each ADU project as seamless as possible, collaborating personally with you to customize a unit that is both functional and beautifully integrated into its surroundings.

Here’s a list of the common types of ADUs:

Detached ADU (DADU)

These units are completely separate from the main house, often built in the backyard. They are ideal for homeowners who prefer to maintain separate living spaces or are looking to rent out their ADU.

Garage Conversion ADU

This type converts an existing garage into a living space. It can either be attached or detached from the main house and is a cost-effective way to utilize existing structures.

Above-Garage ADU

These are built on top of a garage, which can be part of the main house or a separate structure. They are useful for maximizing property space without sacrificing yard or garden areas.

Attached ADU

These are built as an extension to the main house. They might share a wall with the primary residence and can be a good option for adding a rental unit or a space for relatives that's connected to the main home.

Basement Conversion ADU

By converting a basement into an ADU, homeowners can make efficient use of the space beneath their main residence. These ADUs are typically accessed from inside the main house but can also have a separate entrance.

Interior ADU

Sometimes referred to as a “junior ADU,” this type involves sectioning off part of the primary residence (such as a large master suite) to create a smaller, self-contained unit.

Let's discuss your ADU project, explore the potential of your Utah property, and discover the exciting possibilities that await.

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